Long-Term Archiving and Audiophile music disc production with new mastering, pre- & glassmastering technology

Mastering with hardware without software effects

SDG-Masterglass-Disc4Who knows the sound difference between the recording and the ready pressed CD, will focus on the SDG-master and be pleased, because it belongs to the past when mastering - premastering - glass mastering - pressing suffered loss of sound quality. SDG-master is the result of multiple technology-steps, which have been developed separately to achieve high
quality, then closely aligned. The target is achieved - under the SDG-praxis, not due combat of symptoms, but by preventing the emergence of those. The collaborating companies therefore are offering a comprehensive product, in which all of the individual to reach the achievable maximum use, thus most sophisticated demands to be.

Cost issue

The SDG-master-technology causes neither additional efforts to the producers, nor higher costs. The only difference is, that both the Master and the Premaster have to be made by us and not elsewhere. The prices are calculated in the awareness of the actual market prices. This means, that the audiophile quality comes as a zero-tarif offer. It is also important, that the available capacity of 100 per day stamper makes SDG-master everyday practicality, so we can put whole catalogs from multiple labels on the new quality change.


We are offering a product, which demands no special player equipment (SACD, DVD-Audio), special electronics (HDCD), or the Production is so complicated, that it applies only to a few privileged productions used (JVC XRCD), or even as expensive, (Blu-spec CD), with quality that it can no longer be justified. It's the opposite!


Now that the entire potential of the sound digital audio technology with full compatibility with CD available, opening for music producers unprecedented opportunities transparent, distortion-free high-quality and sophisticated music productions and publishing. The Discs are provided in the ID stripe with an SDG-master-Logo marked, so that the producers and traders as well as for consumers the originality is clearly evident. This Logo appears also on the packaging as a reference to the higher sound quality.