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The new CD by Heinrich Schweizer is ready

Heinrich Schweizer: Kantate II & FestkantateTitled "Cantata II and Festive Cantata" is the new CD by composer Heinrich Schweizer finished. After with our further developed audio mastering facility a new level of cleanliness in the digital sound achieved, the pressed CD-s arrived too. First reaction of the composer:

'- Here is the long awaited CD, which can be described as a fluke. The very large number of vocal parts come with SDG-master technology by the naturailty filling out the whole soundfield. Those passages that sounded imperfect for various reasons now seem as swept off the table, and they contribute to the overall impression is of cantatas by significantly higher level than without SDG-master technology. What sounded like a church sounds before, sounds now souveraine as from a cathedral! "

The CD contains sacred music of the composer, instrumental and choral, recorded in Zurich and in Bangkok. Artists:

Messiah Choir Zurich-Oerlikon, conductor Lena-Lisa desert villages, Silvia-Renuka Staubli, Sarah Maeder, soprano, Bettina-Maria Siegfried, Alt, Andrew Early, tenor, Gustav Stäbli, bass, Bruno Reich, organ and instrumentalists of the boys Orchestra Basel . Bangkok Combined Choir, conductor Charunee Hongcharu, Daniel L. Golden, organ.

First successful CD pressing with high slope

Stamper normal Stamper steil
Normal CD CD with high slope

For the best possible signal quality when playing a CD-s, it is very important how fast the change of 0 to 1 and can be carried back. What in the electronic signal appears as a rectangle that is to be shown on the disc as perfectly as possible, so as close as possible to the 90 degree slope to be approached. This quality we can achieve at the glass disc is CD-1284pressed on CD-s not possible, because the mold can be removed from the disc, where steep slopes prevent this. The cycle times are longer, the discs are more expensive. However, when we go from the normal 45 degrees towards 90 degrees, such as the now 60 degrees out, which will reduce the jitter in audio CDs, which is very good audible wiederrum. This pressure we have with the same "Classical ... World Music, by Heinrich Swiss, CD-1284 "made, which is published by Swiss music label VDE-Gallo. About the sound differences can convince everyone.

Next step, the first SDG Glass Master CD with rectangular pits will be - a more radical reduction of reading errors and jitter.

First "SDG-Masterglass", the glass CD, produced with SDG-mastering technology


By joining our 'SDG-master' Mastering technology 'SDG-Masterglass', the etched glass disc technology, we bring the beginning of October 2009 a new product called 'SDG-Masterglass' on the market. Since our mastering technology in the equipment which can reproduce the sound of a normal medium is far superior, this particular precision of the etched glass discs became necessary. What our electronics makes, continuing the disc physically.

CD-1284The first production is the «Classical... Worldmusic, by Heinrich Schweizer, CD-1284» in the Swiss music label VDE-Gallo on the market. The glass discs can be ordered in suede-padded jewelry boxes.

Since these SDG-Masterglass discs are in all the measuring and hearing tests far superior to the wide-spreaded technologies, VDE Gallo makes with this edition a decisive step to become the best-sounding label of the world.


First CD with SDG-master mastering - glass mastering technology has been released.

Once the CD anthology of the composer Mr. Heinrich Schweizer remastered by us about 25 years recording the collection, was published under the title "The Music Of Heinrich Schweizer, CD-1196" label VDE-Gallo in Lausanne, everybody can get an idea of how SDG sound-master sounds.VDE-Gallo logo

The Swiss music label VDE-Gallo is expert in classical and world music and made with over eight hundred publications in most of their own recordings or productions its name renowned. The numerous prizes and awards are the result of years of challenging, with heart and soul label run by Monsieur Olivier Buttex.